These tools will make it easier to create newsletters, revise calendars, keep youth members and families informed, and help youth members manage the crew more effectively and efficiently.

Activity Interest Survey
Use this survey to help develop the crew’s anual program plan of activities.

Activity Planner Sheet
This tool comes in handy for planning a well-organized activity.

Boys’ Life Resources
Boys’ Life produces a number of useful resources such as a planning calendar, planning charts, and other program helps.

Crew Calendar Template (2013 – 2014)
Crew Calendar Template  (2014 – 2015)
This template allows you to fill in dates and events important to your unit and the annual program plan. It can be saved, revised as needed, and printed or emailed, making it easy to update and share. When you first know about an addition or change to crew activities, add that to the calendar so it will always be up to date and ready to print or share.

Crew Budget Planning
These fillable electronic forms help make crew budgeting straightforward.
Planning Your Crew’s Annual Program Budget
Crew Operating Budget Worksheet, available in PDF and Excel formats.
Guides to Unit Money-Earning Projects

Program Capability Inventory
Use this resource to help get more adult volunteers involved with your unit, and to get those who are already involved even more engaged.

Venturing Crew Annual Program Planning Conference
Use this PowerPoint presentation to help guide your crew through its annual program planning conference.