Climbing Instructor Training

Climbing Instructor Training

See the information below for the upcoming Climbing Instructor Training.  Remember in order to take Scouts on any Climbing activity an adult leader must complete this training.   


Climbing Instructor I

This course is required to take Portable Climbing Wall Facilitator and Level II Climbing Instructor. We will only be accepting 15 new students for this course. (there may be an exception for those committing to take the Portable Climbing Wall Facilitator Course) and Max 6 returning students. Please register as soon as possible.  Prerequisites:

  • Read chapters 1-11 and 23-27 in the BSA’s Belay On Manual
  • Learn and know the following knots:  Overhand, Figure eight onabight, Figure eight follow-through, Figure nine, Prusikknot, Autoblock, Water knot, Clove hitch, Doublefisherman’s, Münterhitch

Animated teaching of these knots is available at:

Price: $40

Date: February 15th 5:00pm – 9:00pm  (Donald W. Reynolds Scouting Resource Center) and February 16th 8:00am – 5:00pm Parker Simper’s home: 5900 Paseo Montana Las Vegas NV 89108

Portable Climbing Wall Facilitator

This course is required to take Level II Instructor Course. We will be accepting 15 new students for this course. Returning students are welcome to come for a refresher. Please call and notify us that you will be there.


Must be a level I Instructor.

Price:This course is Free.

*We need you! With the foundation of level I and this Facilitator course we need your help to volunteer your time at one of the many Cub Scout Day Camps throughout the year.

Date: February 27 or March 13 5:00 pm-9:30 pm. *you only need attend one class the Feb 27 or March 13.

Location: Donald W Reynolds Scouting Resource Center

Climbing Instructor II

This course is required to take Units out rappelling and Climbing. On any Climbing event one instructor must be a climbing Instructor II. We will be limiting this course to 12 new Instructors. And 5 returning Instructors. Returning Instructors Please call to register, There will be no cost to current, active instructors who are renewing their certificate of training. We will need your assistance in the course.


Must be a level I Instructor and be a Portable Climbing Wall Facilitator.



May 4th8:00am – 5:00pm

May 10th5:00pm – 9:00pm

May 11th8:00am – 5:00pm

Location to be determined. Most likely Calico Basin or Red Rock Area. Outdoors Locations.

Any questions please contact Parker Simper at (702) 354-3461 Or Dustin Schelin at (792) 715-7957