Jump for Scouting

7:30 a.m. -9:00 a.m.

The Strat Hotel, Casino, SkyPod, and the Las Vegas Area Council, Boy Scouts of America are teaming up to benefit the youth served through the ScoutREACH program.  Each participant can experience the thrill of Skyjump Las Vegas while raising funds for Scouting by collecting a minimum of $855 in pledges; $1 for every foot above the Las Vegas Strip.

At 855 feet above the Las Vegas Strip, Skyjump Las Vegas is the world’s tallest SkyJump attraction.  Riders are suited-up in custom jump suits and connected to an incredibly safe high speed “descender” machine where they will literally leap off the platform and descend to the landing pad below.  Jump in and experience the ultimate thrill while providing a Scouting adventure that will last a lifetime.  

For more information please contact

Ryan Moon

 Email: Ryan.Moon@scouting.org