Merit Badge Clinics

Virtual Merit Badge Clinic
Cost $10 per Class

9 am-12 pm (Some classes may have  different start time.  It will be noted below. Some classes will not take the entire time.)

Please click on the Merit Badge for preparation instructions and any prerequisites.  To register click the registration button to the right. 

September 12, 2020

Any questions email

Note:  We use Zoom to offer our classes.  Some classes may utilize the breakout feature.  Breakouts do not work on Chromebook devices.  To ensure you can do what you need to do please do not use a chromebook.

Please read the class preparation instructions before you register.  

Preparing For a Virtual Merit Badge Clinic

Tips for a Video Conference:
  • Mute yourself when not speaking or presenting
  • Use headphones with a microphone for better quality
  • Keep your device as still as possible (especially if using a phone)
Current Requirements: Click Here
Preparation: Merit Badge Worksheet: Click Here

 Completion of the worksheet does not mean you have completed the merit badge. It will simply better prepare you for the class.

Prerequisites: Prerequisites will be announced for each specific Merit Badge
Cyber Chip: 

Please complete your Cyber Chip before attendance: Click Here

Blue Cards:

Remember your Scoutmaster must approve your working on this Merit Badge. If you are a member of the Las Vegas Area Council your unit can create an online blue card in Scoutbook. Directions Click Here

If you are a Scout from another council or if your unit is not using Scoutbook, we will send an electronic Blue Card indicating completion once the Counselor has verified it with us.

Any questions should be directed to